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Chadi Ayoub, MSCE, PE

Texas Board of Professional Engineers: License # (98170)
California Board of Professional Engineers:License # (C 69596)
Principal Engineer


Chadi is a licensed professional engineer in the states of Texas and California. He has domestic and international experience in the engineering design and construction fields. He has a diverse experience in designing telecommunication, commercial, medical and residential structures.


Chadi received his Bachelor of Science degree in Civil Engineering from Oklahoma State University with concentration in the field of structural engineering. While working as a research engineer and a teaching assistant, he completed his graduate studies and received a Master of Science Degree in Civil Engineering with structural emphasis from University of Nevada-Reno.


As a licensed structural engineer, Chadi has tackled a wide range of projects including telecommunication structural towers and small to medium building type structures. He is generally involved in the early stages of building planning starting from a point where the project is a basic concept up to the point of completion of a major reality. He maintains routine contact with clients and other professionals during the phases of each project. He acquires project permits by ensuring code compliant designs in accordance to the applicable municipal jurisdictions. In addition to that, he has analyzed, designed, drafted, reviewed shop drawings, and performed routine site inspections during the progression of the projects.


As a construction manager and real estate developer, Chadi has successfully managed various real estate projects and transactions. He has been involved in performing basic research of current and future property market values and has successfully acquired, rehabilitated, built, leased and sold various properties. During each transaction, He was involved directly in every step, including but limited to price and contract negotiations, execution of sales and purchase contracts, rehabilitation of properties by planning and management of subcontractors, and acquiring permits through applicable municipal jurisdictions.


Drawing upon his varied experience in both engineering and construction, Chadi is able to provide safe designs and construction while incorporating the efficiency perspective in his work.